Richell Richell Airy baby bath

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Richell Float Bathtub with an absolute slippery design is the ideal product to bathe babies safely. The product is the first choice of many moms in the world and a close friend of the Japanese mother taking care of the children. 
+ Origin: Richell Brand - Japan.
+ Material: Soft Vinyl resin keeps the baby warm and soft for the baby when he brushes or  hits the post.
+ There are anti-slippery grooves to help keep the baby's maximum security in the bath so that the mother bath easy and peace of mind.
+ Intelligent design with a sloping pot to the right and the mid-point of the pot to prevent slipping and comfortable bath. 
+ With a handy inflatable booster, with just 3 minutes of quick hand infliction, the mother has a safe to bathe her baby. 
+ When you do not use or want to carry, just open the rear valve button, squeeze slightly out of steam and then folded up, as small as handheld microphones, very convenient to carry travel. 
+ Hanging hooks are convenient for storage when not in use.
+ Seat surface smooth, waterproof so easy to clean.
+ Dimensions: 87L x 53W x 29H (cm).
+ The basin can hold 34 liters of water, but only 15 liters of water is enough water for baby baths.
+ Age: For children from birth.